Dave Douglas: Family of the Climber


Family of the Climber


Dave Douglas (trumpet)


Mountain Passages (Koch 5802)

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Dave Douglas (trumpet), Michael Moore (alto sax), Peggy Lee (cello), Marcus Rojas (tuba), Dylan van der Schyff (drums).

Composed by Dave Douglas


Recorded: Vancouver, June 26, 2004


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

Dave Douglas is well-known for his ability to compose in many styles, and his album Mountain Passages provides yet another example of his awesome skills. Originally performed between 9,000 and 12,000 feet in the Alps for the festival at The Sound of Dolomites, “Family of the Climber” is a dark march that exposes Douglas’ knack for creating very exciting textures.

Amidst Douglas' trumpet, Michael Moore's tasteful alto playing, and Peggy Lee's innovative cello comping, it is easy to forget that only five musicians are responsible for such thick harmonics. Overall, this is a solid track performed in a style of jazz that only a composer as audacious as Douglas could explore.

Reviewer: Greg Marchand


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