Gerald Clayton: Two Heads One Pillow


Two Heads One Pillow


Gerald Clayton (piano)


Two Shade (ArtistShare)

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Gerald Clayton (piano), Joe Sanders (bass), Justin Brown (drums).

Composed by Gerald Clayton


Recorded: New York, mid-2008


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

“Two Heads One Pillow” is one of the highlights of Gerald Clayton’s Two Shade, a must-hear debut release from the talented composer and seasoned improviser. The tune is centered around the development of a simple, yet beautiful, melody freshened by the addition of several major variances in inflection. Beginning with a series of muted notes, Clayton and his cohorts ease into a series of short phrases that tread the fine line between consonance and dissonance. As a booming bassline by Clayton himself is quickly followed by the rhythm section, drummer Justin Brown's unpredictable pulse cranks up the intensity level tenfold-resulting in an energetic recording on which Clayton's apparent skills as a composer foreshadow the impact that he will have on jazz in the years to come.

Reviewer: Greg Marchand


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