Tain and the Ebonix: Samo ©


Samo ©



Folk’s Songs (Dark Key Music)

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Jeff "Tain" Watts (drums), Marcus Strickland (tenor sax), Christian McBride (bass), David Kikoski (piano).

Composed by Jeff “Tain” Watts


Recorded: Brooklyn, December 22 and 23, 2006


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

“Samo ©” is a deep-grooving funk tune dedicated to Jean-Michel Basquiat, a Neo-expressionist painter who rose to popularity with his Samo© graffiti that flooded Lower Manhattan in the late 1970’s. Watts’ tune of the same title starts off with an odd-metered groove and a short head played by tenor saxophonist Marcus Strickland, who then leads the band into his fiery solo. Strickland plays with incredible authority, often presenting an idea and continuing to alter it rhythmically and melodically until it has become a fluid sentence. Backed by an unshakeable rhythm section, Strickland erupts as the tune progresses and energizes the band even further with passionate cries from his instrument. At the close of his solo, the saxophonist is joined in unison by pianist David Kikoski for an abbreviated head that gives “Samo ©” a succinct, but memorable ending.

Reviewer: Greg Marchand


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