Roscoe Mitchell: Nemus




Roscoe Mitchell (alto sax)


Solo 3 (Mutable 17515-2)

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Roscoe Mitchell (alto sax).

Recorded: Madison, WI, 2003


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

"Nemus" opens the middle CD of a three-disc set of Mitchell solo improvisations: the first presents him playing a variety of instruments; the second comprises his alto sax work; the third his "percussion cage." Alto tends to bring out Mitchell's lyricism, and indeed "Nemus," while composed of intricate, asymmetrical lines that develop over its seven-minute length into a work of notable complexity, possesses an overall sense of melodic calm. Mitchell's tone has a lightly inflected, limpid cast. A slightly acidic edge mitigates the sweetness of his rather straight tone. The solo's construction is typically well-considered; Mitchell's gift for logical construction serves him quite well here. Devoted fans of solo free jazz sax—all twelve of us—will find much to admire. Certainly no one does it better than Roscoe Mitchell.

Reviewer: Chris Kelsey

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