Steve Howe: In the Skyway


In the Skyway


Steve Howe (guitar)


Spectrum (Inside Out Music 234840)

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Steve Howe (guitar), Oliver Wakeman (keyboards), Tony Levin (bass), Dylan Howe (drums), Virgil Howe (Moog synthesizer).

Composed by Steve Howe and Paul Sutin


Recorded: No location given, mid-2005


Rating: 76/100 (learn more)

Steve Howe's "In the Skyway" is a decent recording, but the melody does not stick with you for long-probably because there is no real "melody" to speak of. The tune needs vocals and a hook, because what is contained within is, essentially, a lengthy guitar solo. That does not mean that the material is unengaging, per se; Howe's irrepressible slide tone is present, and he has overdubbed several guitars on top that all play something different. The tune's style even changes from a country lope to a smooth psychedelic foray in under a minute. The Yes guitarist is mainly interested in fitting a ton of ideas into a limited space, though, and, while he does accomplish the goal, efficacy of approach is nonexistent-meaning that you will not hear any single idea that stands out. Howe himself does not sound too inspired on the cut, but this just goes to show that even legends take a respite from their greatness now and again.

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary


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