Iris Ornig: It's Time To Say Goodbye


It's Time To Say Goodbye


Iris Ornig (bass)


New Ground (self-released)

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Iris Ornig (bass), Yoshiro Okazaki (trumpet), Daisuke Abe (guitar), Danny Grissett (piano), Tony Jefferson (drums).

Composed by Iris Ornig


Recorded: Knoop Studios, River Edge, New Jersey, November, 2007


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

My introduction to the world of jazz bass didn't come in the usual manner, that being by way of Jaco Pastorius or Stanley Clarke. That's the way most rock kids get their first taste. It's 'legit' because the music is still loud and energetic. Me, I didn't get those guys back then. Their technical flair was too much for my young ears to grab onto. I just wasn't ready. Blame it on my daily listening habits, full of equal doses of Ted Nugent and Black Sabbath.

No, the first jazz record that caught my ear as far as bass playing goes was Eberhard Weber's Fluid Rustle. It was the wide open spaces of the ECM sound that allowed me to hear the dynamics and melodies driven by Weber's instrument.

Iris Ornig has brought me back to those days. The gorgeously romantic “It's Time To Say Goodbye” is indeed lifted by Ornig's melodic bass work. What's more, the composition leaves a lot of space for trumpeter Yoshiro Okazaki, whose bluesy phrasing conjures both Freddie Hubbard and Tom Harrell. Both Ornig and guitarist Daisuke Abe do a fine job comping for Okazaki, making melody the tune's focus. Even when Abe and Ornig take solos, they're compact and serve to extend the story being told.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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