Mike Arroyo: Recuerdos de Humacao


Recuerdos de Humacao


Mike Arroyo (guitar)


Transition (self-released)

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Mike Arroyo (guitar), Maximo Torres (guitar), Carlos Torres (acoustic bass), Jimmy Rivera (drums).

Composed by Maximo Torres


Recorded: Sonic Park Recording Studio, New Jersey


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Apparently, the idea that taking a chance can prove to be inspirational has merit beyond badly-produced movies and self-help books. Here is guitarist Mike Arroyo, who a few years ago quit his job of 22 years to become a full-time musician and pastor of a church. A leap of faith indeed.

The results are more than inspiring. Arroyo, paired here with Puerto Rican guitar master Maximo Torres, sounds at home. The two men take turns in solo vs. comping roles, the transitions continuing the melodic development so smoothly that there were a couple of times that I'd forgotten two guitars were sharing the space. I don't know anything about Mike Arroyo as field service engineer, but after hearing him in this context, I'd say he's found his calling.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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