Michael Dease: You Dig?


You Dig?


Michael Dease (trombone)


Clarity (Blues Back BB008)

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Michael Dease (trombone), Sharel Cassity (alto sax),

Brandon Lee (trumpet),Kris Bowers (piano), Matthew Heredia (bass), Kenneth Salters (drums)


Composed by Michael Dease


Recorded: New Jersey, April 7 2007


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

Recorded when he was just wrapping up his graduate music studies at Julliard, Michael Dease wastes no time establishing himself among the best of the young straight jazz trombonists. Dease can not only play at such a young age (24 at the time of this recording) but can compose with some deftness, too. “You Dig?” is a superb illustration of both of these talents. The intro on this hard bop tune has Dease making short phrases on his ‘bone and as each time he holds that last note, Bowers and Heredia provide a counterpoint. The main body of the song is hot blues and Dease shows off his unblemished sense of timing, meticulous cadence and sheer speed. Cassity, soon to cause a sensation of her own within the next year or two, finds the right notes and already displays the rare maturity to never overdo a lick. Lee’s trumpet swings and sizzles, and Bowers’ right hand traverses the ivories with vigor.

In sum, “You Dig?” is a blowing session with a nifty head. But this song excels in both areas, and those kinds of songs are always a treat for the ears.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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