Warren Smith: One More Lick For Harold Vick


One More Lick For Harold Vick


Warren Smith (vibes, drums, percussion)


Old News Borrowed Blues (Engine E027)

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Warren Smith (vibes, drums, percussion),

Lloyd Haber (drums, vibraphone, percussion), John Carlton (trumpet, flugelhorn), Cecil Bridgewater (trumpet, flugelhorn), Joe Daley (euphonium), Jack Jeffers (bass trombone), Craig Rivers (soprano saxophone), James Stewart (tenor saxophone), Douglas Yates (alto saxophone), Claire Daly (baritone saxophone), Jeribu Shahid (bass violin), Yoham “Chiqui” Ortiz (guitar), Elusegun Sangofemi (African percussion), Jose Abreu (African percussion)


Composed by Warren Smith


Recorded: Brooklyn, NY


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

Warren Smith wrote this composition as a paean to the great flinty-toned tenorist, Harold Vick. Smith never recorded with Vick, as far as I know, but considered him a “dear friend,” and deeply respected him as a both a sax player and bandleader.

The song begins with a resplendent intro of suspended, ascending chords that quickly culminates into raucous swing. It’s not apparent who out of Smith and Haber are playing the drums and who is manning the vibes, but the hard-charging drums are setting the tone for the entire band. Stewart’s tenor sax solos with the gusto of the song’s namesake, as does Yates with his alto.

The pretty theme is revisited at periodic intervals, softening out the hard edges of the tune, perhaps symbolic of Vick’s own soft side. Regardless of whether that was intended or not, Vick would have surely been pleased at the tribute. Perhaps even more pleased than at Sonny Rollins’ funky “Did You See Harold Vick?” from about ten years earlier.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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