Ben Sidran: Lust




Ben Sidran (piano)


I Lead a Life (Universal Japan 6937)

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Ben Sidran (piano), Blue Mitchell (trumpet), Phil Upchurch (guitar), Charles Davis (saxophone), Dennis Oliver (bass), Clyde Stubblefield (drums).

Composed by Ben Sidran


Recorded: Los Angeles, early 1972


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

Percussion elements drive Ben Sidran's funky "Lust," and the groove that they lead the bass into burns holes in a musical foundation that will prove addictive to any attentive listener. During the rather loose jam session that was captured, Sidran gives up the funk. He can be heard playing both piano and organ; both are panned hard to each side, and the tenacity of the supporting players exists in their relentless commitment to the groove laid down during the very first seconds of the cut.

The track is loaded with strings, and they add a lush depth to Sidran's material that is unnecessary, given the sultriness of what is played underneath by the rhythm section. The chords follow a traditional blues form, but the sound of Fender Rhodes, 70s Fender bass, and sexy, fatback drums signal that this blues is about something other than the blues itself. The music does not sound steeped in depression, but it plays more like a jazzy, post-fusion piece infused with a whole lot of greasy, Northern soul, and there is no mistaking the audience it targets. This music could have easily found its success on screen.

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary


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