Ben Sidran: Slippery Hip


Slippery Hip


Ben Sidran (piano)


I Lead a Life (Universal Japan 6937)

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Ben Sidran (piano), Blue Mitchell (trumpet), Phil Upchurch (guitar), Charles Davis (saxophone), Dennis Oliver (bass), Clyde Stubblefield (drums).

Composed by Phil Upchurch


Recorded: Los Angeles, early 1972


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

"Slippery Hip" glides like grease on an outdated jheri-curl. While the music does not sound as live as it could due to the fact that the piano and organ solos sound overdubbed, the music is still explosive. The solos burn, as multi-tracked keyboardist Ben Sidran plays his instruments like he is in the zone. The form emphasizes a single chord minor vamp for the most part, but the rabbit-footed, dance hall drums and the finger ticks that the bass offers up rock hard, and Sidran's own licks will awaken the most comatose mind.

Of course, the musical style resembles the loose-knit, jamming ethic that was popular back when this was cut (1972), but that does not stop it from being enjoyable. As the musicians have a good time themselves, their vibe certainly lightens up the room, several decades later. Also, the fact that the proper tones of real instruments being played with very little artificial processing have been preserved this clearly demands that the cut be heard by anyone interested in the snap, crackle, and pop of funk music as it sounded at birth.

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary


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