Pat Metheny: Missouri Uncompromised


Missouri Uncompromised


Pat Metheny (guitar)


Bright Size Life (ECM)

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Pat Metheny (guitar), Jaco Pastorius (electric bass), Bob Moses (drums).

Composed by Pat Metheny


Recorded: December 1975


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

On this high swinging number from Pat Metheny's landmark debut, Bright Size Life, he finds himself in immaculate company with Pastorius on bass and Bob Moses on drums. Pastorius anchors this song with a drive and determination that very few bass players during this time could have done. Metheny displays his strong melodic virtuosity on this song, running up and down the neck of the guitar at break neck speed. Bob Moses also holds it down, playing a contagious swing pattern and adds some nice accents underneath the solo action. Another great track from a stellar, unforgettable album. Pastorius and company are in their prime on this one!

Reviewer: Jared Pauley


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