Arun Ghosh: Aurora




Arun Ghosh (clarinet, piano)


Northern Namaste (Camoci Records 1001)

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Arun Ghosh (clarinet, piano),

Idris Rahman (tenor sax), Liran Donin (bass), Sanju Sahai (tabla), Dave Walsh (drums), Aref Durvesh (tambourine)


Composed by Arun Ghosh


Recorded: London, no date given (CD released in 2008)


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

Stuart Nicholson recently reported in these virtual pages how clarinetist Arun Ghosh captivated the audience at the recent Jazzahead festival in Bremen with his exciting brand of British-Asian jazz. The unknown artist sold dozens of copies of his self-produced CD Northern Namaste within a few minutes of leaving the stage. And I can understand why. Unfortunately US fans will have a hard time to tracking down this music—I couldn't find a single online retailer in the US who had stocked it, and needed to order it from Amazon's UK web site. But it is well worth going to the trouble to hear this band, and enjoy Ghosh's probing clarinet work. The basic formula is familiar—a medium-fast modal chart over a repeating rhythmic pattern. But Ghosh shows that even the old recipes have plenty of life in them, especially when played this well. The whole band gets high marks, but the leader is the clear star, and one of the most interesting reed players on the scene. I plan on keeping a close eye (and ear) on Ghosh. I just hope some retailer makes it easy for me by carrying his CDs.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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