Antonio Valdetaro: Bossa Louca


Bossa Louca



Leticia (Valdetaro 844953)

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Antonio Valdetaro (guitar),

Josué dos Santos (saxophone), Fábio Leandro (piano), Roberto Carvalho (bass), Pepa D’Elia (drums)


Composed by Antonio Valdetaro


Recorded: Brazil, 2008


Rating: 82/100 (learn more)

Carry yourself off to Rio with this self-produced Brazilian offering by guitarist Antonio Valdetaro and his group. "Bossa Louca" is a loosely-played bossa that captures the easy swaying feel of this delightful, regionally inspired music. Electric bassist Carvalho contributes an accomplished solo which leads into a melody statement by guitar and saxophone. Valdetaro’s style is carefree, tasteful and loose capturing the laid back feel of a balmy tropical breeze. Saxophonist Josué dos Santos, with his ultra-polished tone, recreates his own brand of Getz-ian cool. Sit back, close your eyes and enjoy being transported for a moment by the captivating rhythms of Valdetaro’s Brazil. Don’t worry, D’Elia’s bateria adds just enough punctuation at the coda to stir you out of your trance.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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