Dave Frishberg: Slappin' The Cakes On Me


Slappin' The Cakes On Me


Dave Frishberg (piano, vocals)


Classics (Concord Jazz 4462)

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Dave Frishberg (piano, vocals), Steve Gilmore (bass), Bill Goodwin (drums).

Composed by Dave Frishberg


Recorded: Stroudsburg, PA, April 1981


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Love songs might not be Dave Frishberg’s forte, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t successfully explored elements of the dating ritual. I’m not exactly sure about the origins of the title, but it clearly refers to someone who is in a situation that’s way over his head. Here, Frishberg’s character is a guy who is not as skilled as he thinks at picking up women. At the beginning, as he walks in and checks out the club, Steve Gilmore’s descending bass glissando invokes an animal on the prowl. Then our not-so-smooth operator meets a woman who turns this attempted seduction on its head, inviting herself to sit down, and topping every corny line that the man offers. He even offers the old standby, What’s your sign to which she replies, Later for that—your place or mine? Thankfully, our would-be Romeo is smart enough to know that when faced with such a situation, it’s always best to hang on and enjoy the ride. Frishberg stops short of telling us what happened later—and different versions of the tale might come from each principal—but we can imagine that it was a night to remember, whatever the outcome.

Reviewer: Thomas Cunniffe

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