Chico Hamilton: Autumn in New York


Autumn in New York


Chico Hamilton (drums)


It's About Time! (Joyous Shout JS 10009)

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Chico Hamilton (drums),

Cary Denigrus (guitar), Paul Ramsey (Fender bass)


Recorded: NYC, December 28-29 2007


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

When Hamilton’s long and storied career as a leader commenced in 1955, he started out with just a trio that included Howard Roberts on guitar and George Duvivier on bass. Nearly 53 years later, Chico revisits his beginnings with contemporary talents Denigrus and Ramsey. This afforded Hamilton with the chance to push the rhythm section out to the front and go down different paths than what he might take with a larger band.

Hamilton arranges the classic Duke piece “Autumn In New York” in a rather imaginative way. He plays an old school jungle beat that was popular at the time he first led bands, and Denigrus furnishes the pretty melody with free-flowing single lines, unattached to time. Ever the master of tones, Hamilton’s soft tom-toms are practically playing a melody of its own, and the guitarist’s slightly stinging timbre going its own way provides a striking contrast. It makes the song quite beautiful and haunting at once.

This OctoJAZZarian is a guy who, at eighty-six years old, still has some pretty nifty tricks up his sleeves.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron

Composed by Vernon Duke


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