Reptet: Go Bears


Go Bears




Chicken Or Beef? (Monktail MCMC8)

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John Ewing (drums, percussion, bull moose call, vocals), Samantha Boshnack (trumpet, flugelhorn, slide trumpet, vocals), Chris Credit (baritone, alto and tenor saxophones, vocals), Tim Carey (upright and electric bass, baritone guitar, vocals), Nelson Bell (trombone, tuba, euphonium, conch shell, vocals), Izaak Mills (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, flute, percussion, bull moose call, vocals), Satchmo (vocals), Jack (vocals)


Composed by Tim Carey


Recorded: Seattle WA, January 6-8 2008


Rating: 86/100 (learn more)

Seattle’s own Reptet is a six-piece band that’s just this side of zany; too unorthodox for Steeplechase and too tonal for ESP-Disk. They might employ a few unusual instruments (like a baritone guitar, a bull moose call or a euphonium) and throw in non-jazz interludes into their jazz, but the songs never quite get too messy to be engaging. “Go Bears” is a pretty good example of their modus operandi.

It begins with a rapid ostinato straight out of a black and white comedy, and then moves into a late-sixties jazz groove led by Credit’s boss baritone. Just as you might start chilling out to it, the tape is speeded up and slowed back down to real time again. The groove soon ends anyway and replaced with Boshnack’s lone mariachi trumpet before returning to the original comedic chase scene music that crashes into a full-on freak-out, Rahsaan Roland Kirk style.

OK, so “Go Bears” might not be so serious, but it’s seriously fun.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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