Stefon Harris: The Birth of Time


The Birth of Time


Stefon Harris (vibes)


The Grand Unification Theory (Blue Note 32498)

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Stefon Harris (vibes), Xavier Davis (piano), Tarus Mateen (bass), Steve Turre (trombone),

Derrick Gardner (trumpet), Douglas Purviance (tuba), Anne Drummond (flute), Mark Vinci (clarinet), Tim Warfield (tenor sax), Terreon Gully (drums), Myles Weinstein (timpani) Khalil Bell (percussion)


Composed by Stefon Harris


Recorded: New York, March 2001


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Vibraphonist Stefon Harris has carried the tradition of the vibraphone into the present era with catchy song writing and superior technical facility. On this 2001 release, Harris displays his gift of composition with help from some of the most underrated performers in jazz. This song opens up with Xavier Davis playing a classical influenced piano line, which is then doubled by Harris. The nature of the song is very playful, but at the same time it is also enchanting and beautiful. Harris wrote wonderful background parts for the brass and reed sections, who aid the performance of this song and provide continuity on many levels between Harris and the rhythm section. I, like many people in the jazz field, feel that Harris is one of the most exciting composers around. Now in his late 30s, I hope that Harris continues to surprise us with his unconventional blend of jazz and classical influences. All of these ingredients are present on this song, which is a great introduction for anyone that wants to explore the music of Stefon Harris.

Reviewer: Jared Pauley


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