Tom Abbs: Torn




Tom Abbs (bass)


Lost & Found (Engine E31)

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Tom Abbs (bass), Chad Taylor (drums),

Jean Cook (violin), Brian Settles (tenor sax)


Composed by Tom Abbs


Recorded: Brooklyn NY, September 16-17 2008


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

Tom Abbs built his Lost And Found album by randomly pairing 22 musical fragments, using score structures that were visual, audio and narrative. The results are always unpredictable and often intoxicating. “Torn” is a trance-like song that achieves hypnosis by running in two speeds at the same time. Abbs and Taylor play frantic free jazz, while Cook carries out a floating chord sequence that could have come from the soundtrack of a black and white horror film. After a tentative start, Settles joins in with the violin before briefly going along with the frantic undercurrent, then returning to Cooks eerie lines again.

It’s a little creepy sounding, but the parallel and opposed harmonic fragments also makes “Torn” a compelling listening experience.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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