Andy Sheppard: Nave Nave Moe


Nave Nave Moe


Andy Sheppard (soprano sax)


Movements In Colour (ECM 2062)

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Andy Sheppard (soprano sax),

John Parricelli (acoustic and electric guitars), Eivind Aarset (electric guitar, electronics), Arild Andersen (double-bass, electronics), Kuljit Bharma (tabla, percussion)


Composed by Andy Sheppard


Recorded: February 2008


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

ECM Records has long established a reputation for being a home for airy, almost new age jazz, and “Nave Nave Moe” won’t do anything to dispel that notion. That’s no criticism at all, because there is much to enjoy and appreciate in all the subtle ways Sheppard and his ensemble has framed this song.

Aarset’s sleek electronic backwash is all your hear at first, but even then it’s unobtrusive. It exists in part to put forth a distinctive chord pattern upon which Sheppard constructs relaxed and convivial melodies. Parricelli’s acoustic guitar eventually undertakes that task from Aarset, as Aarset emerges with a stark electric guitar that resembles a pedal steel guitar, giving the song a slight country flavor. In the middle of it all is Bharma. His circular Indian percussion pops with joy and the tonality of his tabla even matches the key that the song is played in. Sheppard plays gently and freely throughout this international groove, inserting notes wherever they are needed, and avoiding spots where they are not.

“Nave Nave Moe” is one of those world fusion tunes that sounds like it’s truly from many parts of the world, but thanks to exceptional group interplay, the whole exceeds the sum of all its divergent parts.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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