Stan Getz: Menina Moca


Stan Getz :Menina Moca


Stan Getz (tenor sax) and Laurindo Almeida (guitar)


Stan Getz With Guest Artist Laurindo Almeida (Verve Reissues)

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Stan Getz (tenor sax), Laurindo Almeida (guitar), George Duvivier (bass), Edison Machado (drums), Jose Soorez (drums), Dave Bailey (drums), Luiz Parga (percussion), Jose Paulo (percussion).

Piano not credited. Composed by Luiz Antonio


Recorded: Webster Hall, New York City, 1963


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

“Menina Moca” (Young Lady) is a warm, semi-sweet samba confection recorded during the crest of the Brazilian jazz wave. In these sessions with the late guitarist Laurindo Almeida, Stan Getz takes it back to the roots.

As heady and substantive as the solo work is on this track, virtuosity is nearly upstaged by the ensemble’s raw, earthy rhythm, one of the many delights of this collaboration. But make no mistake, Getz rises above it all with finely crafted, husky tenor lines woven over Almeida’s raw, slightly out-of –tune acoustic guitar work and the ensemble’s deceptively subtle percussion. The result is a tantalizing juxtaposition of urban sophistication and near-endemic naturalism which works far better than many of the more commercially appealing efforts released at the height of the bossa and samba craze. If your library was somehow limited to just one Brazilian jazz album from this period, you couldn’t go wrong with this unpolished, precious gem.

Reviewer: Bill Barnes

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