Tine Bruhn: Har Du Visor Min Vän


Har Du Visor Min Vän


Tine Bruhn (vocals)


Entranced (Ininomis Records)

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Tine Bruhn (vocals), Daniela Schächter (piano), Marco Panascia (bass), Gregory Hutchinson (drums).

Composed by Bengt Ahlfors


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

At first the voice deceives with its straightforward, unembellished delivery. But Tine Bruhn, a Danish-German transplant living in New York, soon reveals a vocal texture suggesting a cross between a soprano sax and a flugelhorn with a technique that utilizes uncanny space, economy and dynamics. Har Du Visor Min Vän (Swedish: “Do You Have Any Songs, My Friend”), begins with a strong but subtle intro by bassist Marco Panascia, opening into a wistful, airy 6/8 with nice interplay between Bruhn and the trio. Daniela Schächter, an award-winning young pianist from Italy with an impressive career of her own, builds a deep-in-the-pocket, satisfying solo over a delicate bass and drum framework. Bringing the tune home, Bruhn’s phrasing is nothing short of hypnotic.

Composer Bengt Ahlfors is one of the most prolific and versatile artistic forces in Scandinavia, having written 40 plays, published 7 books, and composed hundreds of songs, but he isn’t exactly a household name in the United States- and that’s a pity. This tune is a fine example of his vast talent and the perfect vehicle for Bruhn’s unique voice. “Don’t talk about music with me. Let the songs speak for you,” Ahlfors’ lyrics implore. Through Tine Bruhn’s crystal clear vocal timbre, they do.

Reviewer: Bill Barnes

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