Kotikoski/Kleutgens/Colaiuta/Tavaglione: 5 For Eddie


5 for Eddie


Antti Kotikoski (guitar), J.K. Kleutgens (bass), Steve Tavaglione (saxophone), and Vinny Coaliuta (drums)


Cave Men (J2K 20031)

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Antti Kotikoski (guitar), J.K. Kleutgens (bass), Steve Tavaglione (saxophone), Vinny Coaliuta (drums).

Composed by J. K. Kleutgens


Recorded: Los Angeles, August-December 2002


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

The form of the Cave Men's "5 For Eddie" is fairly typical. However, contained within are quite a few riveting solo passages that sound performed by experienced musicians at the top of their game. The focus is the solos, and while guitarist Antti Kotikoski rocks out with wild phrasing and tones similar to Allan Holdsworth, the rest of the players conjure up the spirits of Weather Report's classic lineup. Of course, that group did not feature guitar. Here, though, the addition is no problem, as Kotikoski's hot lead fills up the spaces that Weather Report's compositions only hinted at.

The music contained on this recording is quite busy; it moves, and, yet, the spaces do add an unmistakable depth. Internationally renowned drummer Vinny Colaiuta pulls out all the stops on a recording that never fails to move forward. His fast hands and slippery feet lead the way, and the music scales the progressive heights. Tastefulness abounds, and, while the music winds up sounding very influenced by Zawinul/Shorter/Pastorius/Acuna, the level of talent demonstrated on the track is comparable to the abilities shown by those four musicians.

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary

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