Charlie Parker: K.C. Blues


K.C. Blues


Charlie Parker (alto sax)


20th Century Masters: The Best of Charlie Parker (Hip-O/Verve 000299002)

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Charlie Parker (alto sax), Miles Davis (trumpet), Walter Bishop (piano), Teddy Kotick (bass), Max Roach (drums).

Composed by Charlie Parker


Recorded: New York, January 17, 1951


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

"K.C. Blues" benefits from hot blowing and mind bending modality. Each player shines in their surroundings while devising the blueprint that would later be taken to its limit by the personnel featured on Kind of Blue (Miles Davis also appears on this recording).

The force by which Charlie Parker's notes explode from his horn shows why the track is considered among his best. Bird's alto cries out while cutting through the surprisingly clear mix for the era. As Parker blasts off into the jazz ionosphere, a mega-confidence is exuded that symbolizes the influence he still holds on the jazz world today.

The reason Parker's music is still resonant is apparent, and the recording imparts the fact that a complimentary assemblage of participants gives a track its best chance for success on a creative level, because, even though the music never veers away from the blues form and the chord progression and solos are more traditional in nature, it features a sound that is Bird's signature-one that is tough not to recommend The tune is brief, featuring slow, dramatic pacing and a lot of inspiration, and its quirks all fit together in a non-contradictory manner. T

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary

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