Elli Fordyce: Where Am I Going?


Where Am I Going?


Elli Fordyce (vocals)


Songs Spun Of Gold (Fordyce Music – FM 002)

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Elli Fordyce (vocals), Neal Miner (bass), Phil Stewart (drums), Jeremy Manasia (piano), Aaron Heick (alto sax), Samuel Torres (percussion).

Composed by Cy Coleman, Dorothy Fields


Recorded: One Soul Studios, New York City, March-May 2008


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

When I was little, I loved to visit my Aunt Rose and wander into her bedroom. She kept a collection of clear glass figurines that was quite stunning, even to the eyes of a third-grader. The figurines were all of musical instruments. I can't remember them all but the grand piano and the harp were my favorites. It just seemed magical that somebody had fashioned glass into these exquisite and detailed shapes.

Aunt Rose always had her AM radio on, tuned to a station that played nothing but, in her words, “old favorites.” Though I was too young to be familiar with much of that music or its themes, the vibe of “Where Am I Going” brings me back to those visits. Fordyce's band plays with a low and sultry swing as she sings of the many traps of love. Kudos to pianist Jeremy Manasia and the alto of Aaron Heick as they really dig into that groove. It's Fordyce's delivery that makes the connection here as a tiny nugget of my brain must have been impressed by Shirley Bassey's voice emanating from Aunt Rose's radio. She's singing with all of that passion, but with a little (OK, a lot) less bombast. Great stuff.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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