Horace Silver: Que Pasa?


Que Pasa?


Horace Silver (piano)


Song for my Father (Blue Note CDP7-84185-2)

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Horace Silver (piano), Blue Mitchell (trumpet), Junior Cook (tenor sax),

Eugene Taylor (bass), Roy Brooks (drums)


Composed by Horace Silver


Recorded: Englewood Cliffs, NJ, October 31, 1963


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

By the time Horace Silver had recorded his 1964 masterpiece Song for my Father, his impact at fusing Brazilian elements into jazz music were undeniable. Similar to the title track, "Que Pasa?" opens up with a root to fifth bass movement but the mood of the song is much darker. Roy Brooks plays some fitting tom rolls before queuing Silver's solo, which as always, is heavy in the blues. I've noticed that almost all of Silver's songs start off with him soloing first. I think that it sets the mood a little better than always having a horn player start off the song. Being a piano player, I could be a little biased but it's nice to get the vibe of the track down then have the horns rip it up. Overall this song fits in well with the rest of the cuts on the album, making this album one in which you never have to press the skip button. You might just want to hit repeat and let the Silver band take you to the river, or the ocean, or wherever you want to go. By far, Junior Cook's solo is the strongest on the song as he rolls up and down the tenor sax with accuracy and feeling.

Reviewer: Jared Pauley


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