Horace Silver: Serenade to a Soul Sister


Serenade to a Soul Sister


Horace Silver (piano)


Serenade to a Soul Sister (Blue Note CDP7-93206-2)

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Horace Silver (piano), Charles Tolliver (trumpet), Stanley Turrentine (tenor sax), Bob Cranshaw (bass), Mickey Roker (drums).

Composed by Horace Silver


Recorded: Englewood Cliffs, NJ, .February 23, 1968


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

I have to be honest, there's not a single Horace Silver song that I don't like. So now that my biases are out front, Silver returned in 1968 with this hard bop masterpiece, Serenade to a Soul Sister. Joined by tenor giant Stanley Turrentine, the band might not be the most recognizable names in the history of jazz but that's the way I like it. This group of musicians flies under the radar, digging deep for those blues. Judging from the way Turrentine and Tolliver solo, I would've liked to known this soul sister. Silver's comping on this song is typical, very relaxed and to the point with a heavy use of chords in the middle register. What I enjoy most about Silver is his consistency as a soloist. He's not going to play note after note like a Tyner or Hancock would, he has a nasty pocket and plays accordingly. His solo is marked by some nice upper register, singular melodic ideas that are simple but groove perfectly with the song. Hats off to one of the best!

Reviewer: Jared Pauley

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