JDT: Gastrophysics






Inventing The Wheel (Ropeadope RAD-902)

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Jason Domnarski (piano, keyboards), Aaron Nevezie (bass), Dave Mason (drums).

Composed by Jason Domnarski


Recorded: Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, New York, 2009


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

This is the kind of music that I wish could be placed in the hands of people who have given up on “jazz.” I employ the double quotes because there are too many out there who think that jazz is either two guys trying to mimic exotic fowl calls, or a group of older musicians trying to relive their glory days from New Orleans.

“Gastrophysics” (the title comes from a bout with a stomach bug...good thing Domnarski can find the good in any situation) takes off with some drums that want to launch into the theme song from Hawaii Five-O. Instead, Aaron Nevezie muscles the composition forward with some seriously heavy, slightly distorted bass that is soon added to by the leader's keyboard lines. Domnarski expands the chorus with some wide open piano chords and fragments of glockenspiel. It's here when the crossover point between jazz and rock/pop music really makes itself known. Sure, a truly jazz-oriented piano solo is taken, but the band is still rockin' underneath. Great stuff for expansion of the personal listening horizon.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski


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