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Fragile Sun




Quiver (Hoedown Arts 912)

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Kimmo Pohjonen (accordion, voice), Trey Gunn (warr guitar), Pat Mastelotto (rhythmic devices, beats, noises, samples).

Composed by Trey Gunn


Recorded: Texas, mid-2007-early 2008


Rating: 83/100 (learn more)

On what is essentially a recording of Robert Fripp-inspired soundscapes, "Fragile Sun" is tentative. Even though the cut is brief, the players overlay indistinct tones so that the music sounds like it could deconstruct at any point. The sounds of processed pipes, synths, and sitars all meet to quickly form the notion of what the sun would sound like if it had a sound.

The tune recalls works that could appear comfortably on a film or media soundtrack, as the music does not truly take on any set form. Yet, the mood it conveys is one of gentleness, and, while the track will not be remembered individually, it does fit neatly alongside the rest of the music on Quiver (on which the tunes are largely dissonant).

This particular composition, though, is more effective taken in the context of the entire spate of recordings contained on the CD. It is tough to tell where the line between production and technique exists on it, because the entire recording seems to emphasize production. What musicality is lost is made up for in the end, but, again, that result replaces melody with effects and, in that light, the track achieves its goal.

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary


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