Oz Noy: Damn! This Groove


Damn! This Groove


Oz Noy (guitar)


Live (Magnatude 2310)

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Oz Noy (guitar), James Genus (bass), Keith Carlock (drums).

Composed by Oz Noy


Recorded: New York, May-June 2002


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Tracks like "Damn! This Groove" showcase Oz Noy's effectiveness in mixing progressive musicality with fusion-style jazz scales. Utilizing whole-tone patterns over a funk-inspired progression, the tune springs alive due to the force of the performance. The track maintains an intensity that is, in part, due to the group's tightness, and the bunch is so well rehearsed that the jam explodes.

Three minutes in, and with three minutes left to go, Noy's six-string, wah-drenched theatrics are the catalyst for a funk extrapolation that sounds like what would have been recorded had either Allan Holdsworth or Jimi Hendrix had explored the world of music inspired by the Commodores. Noy's Fender guitar is easily recognizable for its tone, and some of the riffs recall the amped forays of Jimi Hendrix into blues territory.

This is a group that sounds like the epitome of New York-style club jazz-busy, containing a complexity within the solo passages that is buffered by synchronized riffs performed by a trio that fills up the space, leaving few spaces in between. It is crisp, fiery, and meaty, and comes highly recommended by yours truly, as the "groove" described in the title is accurate, as the cut's simplicity.

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary

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