Radam Schwartz: Imprecise Exactitudes


Imprecise Exactitudes


Radam Schwartz (organ)


Magic Tales (Arabesque AJ0182)

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Radam Schwartz (organ),

James Gibbs III (trumpet), Anthony Ware (alto saxophone), Ryan Clackner (guitar), Joe Brown, Jr. (drums, percussion)


Composed by Radam Schwartz


Recorded: Clark, NJ October 28 2006 and January 7 2007


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

t’s a song with a contradictory title, but everything about it makes sense to me. Schwartz trots out the chord progression on a soul-soaked organ with Gibbs and Ware declaring the theme slowly in the intro, as if to get that melody into the listener’s head before running through it in real time. It’s a real swinging time, too, a crisp, hard finger popping hard-bop swing that is hard not to at least sway your head to. Ware, Clackner and finally Schwartz himself, all put in scorching solos.. The leader channels his heroes Charles Earland and Jack McDuff, and just as McDuff’s band used to do, the horns weigh in with short remarks at the peaks of Schwartz’s solo. Afterwards, it’s back to that Blue Note head. “Imprecise Exactitudes” feels exactly right for when both soul and sophistication is called for.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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