Chico Hamilton: Penthouse A


Penthouse A


Chico Hamilton (drums)


Twelve Tones of Love (Joyous Shout JS 10012)

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Chico Hamilton (drums),

Jeremy Carlstedt (percussion), Cary DeNigris (guitar), Paul Ramsey (electric bass), Evan Schwam (flute, soprano & tenor saxophones), Eddie Barbash (flute, soprano & alto saxophones), Ian Young (alto saxophone)


Composed by Jeremy Carlstedt


Recorded: January, October, November 2008


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

“Penthouse A” is a two-chord figure with a bridge tacked on that gets by on a natty strut alone. DeNigris alternately vamps with classic jazz chords and improvises with cool, single line notes in an amiable, understated style. That said, it’s Hamilton’s show all the way, even though he doesn’t solo or even stray to insert fills. It’s that signature rolling cymbal/rim shot combination he uses to set the mid-tempo rhythm that dominates the performance.

Hamilton (along with Shelly Manne) has been regarded the pre-eminent cool jazz drummer for nearly 60 years, and his firm grip on that distinction is asserted even today with displays such as the one he makes on “Penthouse A.”

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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