Jackie Paris: I'm Through With Love


I'm Through With Love


Jackie Paris (vocals)


Skylark (Brunswick (Japan) 30035)

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Jackie Paris (vocals),

Charlie Shavers (trumpet), Billy Taylor (piano), Earl May (bass), Kalil Madi (drums)


Composed by Gus Kahn, Joseph Livingston & Matty Melneck


Recorded: New York, June 2, 1954


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Despite the support of jazz fans, musicians and several record companies, Jackie Paris never garnered the success that his talent deserved. His legacy exists in a small handful of brilliant recordings. "I'm Through With Love," recorded on a pop label for an album of ballads, shows Paris at his most creative, using his extraordinary harmonic gifts to create a new (and sometimes daring) melodic line. Paris starts changing the melody almost immediately, moving it in harmonic directions only implied by the rhythm section. While he returns to the original melody on occasion, hardly a phrase goes by that isn't modified in Paris' rendition. Melodically, he combines theme and improvisation as an instrumentalist might in the opening chorus of a JATP-style ballad. Yet, he is also concerned with the words, as proved by his crystal-clear enunciation of the lyric. Paris balances the musical gymnastics with the mournful tone of the lyrics and makes this recording one of the classic renditions of this standard.

Reviewer: Thomas Cunniffe

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