Sacri Delfino: Luna de Hortaleza


Luna de Hortaleza


Sacri Delfino (guitar)


Jairania (Sacri Delfino SD001)

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Sacri Delfino (guitar), Gerardo Ramos (bass), José Manuel Torrego (drums).

Composed by Sacri Delfino


Recorded: Madrid, Spain, 2009


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

In the ever-expanding jazz universe, it seems that it’s now less about where you come from than where you are going. Taking a blindfold test, you would probably never pinpoint any give-away local coloration in this Madrid trio’s playing — in fact, Sacri Delfino’s guitar work reveals as much Metheny as Montoya influences.

There’s no shortage of guitar trios nowadays, but interesting ones with fresh, listenable material are harder to come by. Delfino has written an album full of ear-friendly, emotive compositions, especially “Luna de Hortaleza,” a soulful, poignant jazz waltz seemingly inspired by a memorable night spent in a popular Madrid quarter. The playing is relaxed and confident — Delfino lets the rich, warm acoustics of his archtop do the talking, while the supporting players give him room to work. Bassist Gerardo Ramos builds a lyrical, expressive solo. This is the perfect soundtrack for a languid evening, preferably shared with a bottle of Rioja and a pair of soft, dark eyes reflecting the moonlight.

Reviewer: Bill Barnes

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