Les Double Six: Stockholm Sweetnin' (Un Coin Merveilleux)


Stockholm Sweetnin’ (Un Coin Merveilleux)


Les Double Six


Les Double Six (RCA Victor 65659)

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Mimi Perrin (vocals), Christiane Legrand (vocals), Ward Swingle (vocals), Claude Germain (vocals), Jean-Claude Briodin (vocals), Jacques Denjean (vocals),

Art Simons (piano), Michel Gaudry (bass); Christian Garros (drums)


Composed by Quincy Jones; lyrics by Mimi Perrin


Recorded: Paris, April 1960


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

“Stockholm Sweetnin’” was composed by Quincy Jones for an all-star recording session featuring Clifford Brown, Art Farmer and several Swedish jazz stars. Brown’s solo was one of his finest, and when he died in June 1956, Jones transcribed the solo and orchestrated it for his big band. This version by The Double Six of Paris was based on the big band version and Jones coached the group for this recording. Mimi Perrin’s French vocalese lyrics are about two lovers preparing a romantic getaway, but the most remarkable aspect of the recording is the Double Six’s meticulous re-creation of the big band version, not only in singing all of the notes, but also in the phrasing of the original soloists and ensemble. Christiane Legrand is the first soloist, singing Art Farmer’s solo from the remake, followed by Mimi Perrin, singing the alto saxophone solo by Phil Woods. The orchestrated Clifford Brown solo appears after Art Simons’ piano solo, and while the voices don’t attempt to re-create the orchestral timbres from Jones’ big band chart, the relaxed feeling of both the combo original and the big band remake is perfectly realized.

The Double Six recorded four albums under Mimi Perrin’s leadership, including recordings with Dizzy Gillespie and Jerome Richardson. However, the Double Six’s ultimate legacy may be as the birthplace of the Swingle Singers, which included four of above singers (Legrand, Swingle, Germain and Briodin). Even with the Swingle Singers' quick rise to international success, a look at the personnel for the later Double Six albums reveals that several of the singers were recording with both groups at the same time.

Reviewer: Thomas Cunniffe

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