Daniel Santiago: Old City


Old City


Daniel Santiago (electric guitar)


Metropole (Adventure Music AM 1053 2)

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Daniel Santiago (electric guitar),

Josué Lopez (tenor and soprano saxophones), Vitor Conçalves (acoustic piano), Guto Wirtti (acoustic bass), Edu Ribeiro (drums)


Composed by Daniel Santiago


Recorded: February-March, 2009


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

The first thing that grabs you about “Old City” is its highly evolved ostinato. Santiago takes six chords and constructs an imaginative theme from it, starting with Ribeiros’ intricate but insistent rhythmic pattern. Santiago’s fluid guitar contours percolate with the crispness and mellifluousness of Pat Metheny with a rare harmonic awareness Santiago shares with elite players like that. Not merely in the lead role, either: Santiago’s rhythm parts add an extra voice to lend vital character to the Conçalves’s piano, sometimes playing in unison, other times in harmony, and still other times providing trills. It isn’t so much that Santiago does these things in the first place, but rather, he exchanges these roles in all the right places.

“Old City” is a song that manages to sound pleasing to casual listening and fascinating to focused listening. It begins with Santiago’s composition skills, enhanced by his arranging abilities, and topped off by his guitar playing dexterity.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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