Louis Sclavis: Aboard Ulysses’s Boat


Aboard Ulysses’s Boat


Louis Sclavis (clarinet, soprano saxophone)


Lost On The Way (ECM 2098)

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Louis Sclavis (clarinet, soprano saxophone),

Matthieu Metzger (soprano and alto saxophones), Maxime Delpierre (guitar), Olivier Lété (bass), François Merville (drums)


Composed by Louis Sclavis


Recorded: September 2008


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

A circular, menacing bass line; a slow, simmering, sinister groove; slippery guitar lines and sparse horn parts. Sounds a little like Miles’ “Bitches Brew,” doesn’t it? Sclavis and Metzger regulate themselves to the background, playing in harmony to carve out a curtain of chords above Lété’s pulse. This leaves the floor largely to Delpierre’s guitar, which puts forth an ominous and delectable mix of surf and Sonny Sharrock, guitar effects and all.

Coming “Aboard Ulysses’s Boat” is like taking an intrepid voyage home knowing that unknown dangers lie ahead. But that’s where the thrill of the ride comes from, too.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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