The Meters: Fire on the Bayou


Fire on the Bayou


The Meters


Fire on the Bayou (Sundazed 6167)

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Art Neville (keyboard vocals),

Leo Nocentelli (guitar), George Porter, Jr. (bass), Cyril Neville (percussion, vocals), Joseph ‘Ziggy’ Modeliste (drums),


Composed by the Meters


Recorded: New Orleans, no date given (album released in July 1975)


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

If the Motown label had moved to New Orleans at the end of the Vietnam era, this is the kind of music they might have launched on to the charts and spread to the jukeboxes of America. Dream on! . . . most people probably can't handle this much Cajun spice in their musical fare. "Fire on the Bayou" is a simple tune - almost maddeningly banal - and the words will never be featured in a poetry anthology. But this is one of hottest rhythm sections you will hear on record, and the funk comes at you gumbo thick. The rhythm guitar alone is worth the price of admission and the way it locks in with the percussion is guaranteed to get fingers snappin', toes tappin' - and if you sampled it nowadays it would certainly get rappers rappin'. This band, which sometimes backed up artists such as Dr. John, Robert Palmer and Lee Dorsey, never attracted a large mass market audience, but musicians were paying attention, and the group deserves inclusion on any list of hot New Orleans ensembles.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia


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