Mimi Jones: Watch Your Step


Watch Your Step


Mimi Jones (vocals, bass)


A New Day (Hot Tone Music 101)


Mimi Jones (vocals, bass), Marvin Sewell (guitar), Marcus Gilmore (drums),

Miki Hayama (piano, Wurlitzer, and keyboards)


Composed by Mimi Jones


Recorded: New Jersey, December 2007-May 2008


Rating: 81/100 (learn more)

Recorded by Mimi Jones, "Watch Your Step" may remind you of tracks cut by the Derek Trucks Band after Trucks signed with Columbia Records and relegated his jazz influences to the background.

The recording's beginning busts out with some Trucks-inspired slide guitar that seems to occupy the exact same position in the mix as Trucks generally does. The keyboards and horns function in a similar manner, meaning that the music is obviously derivative. Unfortunately, it also boasts little melody (even though the group does achieve the goal of simmering instead of boiling).

Chiming in like a female version of Trucks' vocalist Mike Mattison, Jones tries hard to sound tough but, in the end, the triple and quadruple tracking ensures virtually no roughness whatsoever. The entire package sounds like it was cut following a previewing of either Almost Free or Songlines by the Trucks band, and listeners will immediately acknowledge that a fair quotient of originality is lacking.

While it's safe to say that, given the bandleader's background, she is likely more familiar with Roberta Flack than Derek Trucks, stranger things have happened in American history.

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary

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