Patrick Rydman: Only the Devil


Only the Devil


Patrick Rydman (vocals, percussion, trumpet, and additional keyboards)


I Will Do It (Footprint 043)

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Patrick Rydman (vocals, percussion, trumpet, and additional keyboards),

Henrik Cederblom (guitar), Fabian Kallerdahl (electric piano, organ), Miko Rezler (drums), Lisen Rylander (saxophone, background vocals), Martin Dahlstrom (background vocals)


Composed by Patrick Rydman


Recorded: Goteborg, early 2008


Rating: 82/100 (learn more)

While the vocals on Patrick Rydman's "Only the Devil" charm in an indie sort of way, the music incorporates an invigorating Flamenco sketch with upfront vocals that sound influenced by contemporaries such as Harry Connick, Jr.

The image that springs to mind is that of the smooth, romantic everyman-much like Chris Isaak. Fittingly, this recording utilizes many of the same elements that comprised the recordings cut during Isaak's heyday-mainly, brassy arrangements, tons of backing vocals, and confident, swinging percussion that dons the edges. In fact, this track is effective on the very same level, as it is meant for pop consumption with its most enduring aspect being its crisp compositional sense and a professional construction that, in the right hands, could potentially find recognition.

The whole package seems to mirror legendary jazz images from years past, from the Blue Note inspired CD cover design to the retro sounding music inside (the CD itself resembles a vinyl LP and a case could be made that this music is also influenced by popular music recorded during the post-Elvis, pre-Beatles era). There is an audience for it that consists of, for the most part, high earners who carry Blackberries and frequent Starbucks.

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary

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