Robert Fripp: Water Music


Water Music


Robert Fripp (guitar, Frippertronics)


Exposure (Discipline Global Mobile 602)

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Robert Fripp (guitar, Frippertronics).

Composed by Robert Fripp and J.G. Bennett


Recorded: New York, June 1977-January 1979


Rating: 75/100 (learn more)

"Water Music" is an interlude on Exposure that segues into "Here Comes the Flood," a collaboration between Peter Gabriel and guitarist Robert Fripp. Strangely, it plays out in a more positive light than Gabriel's ballad, with the Frippertronics fitting an audio announcement that describes the impending end of the world to a tee.

A sample from a TV program is utilized to drive home the "scientific viewpoint" that a new ice age will soon occur. Instrumentally, it is one of the earliest examples of the Frippertronics that would, later, lead to Fripp's invitation to the G3 festival, but you could debate the lyrical content and redundancy of the oft-heard warning of mass destruction. According to the MC (and with "scientific theory" supposedly on his side), it is now "likely" that "great changes" to the Earth's climate will occur within "forty years" of a broadcast that sounded forty years old in 1977.

"The north part of the world [will freeze over] like it used to be," he states while he emphatically claims "Calcutta" and "London" will soon flood over. It would be safe (and wise) to refute those claims today, as doomsday never happened and likely won't for many millennia, if ever. It's tough to believe that those responsible for this product truly believe in the rhetoric they're selling us.

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary

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