Paul Jackson: T-Bolt




Paul Jackson (bass)


Black Octopus (East World EWLF-98006)

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Paul Jackson (bass), Bennie Maupin (tenor sax, bass clarinet),

Webster Lewis (keyboards), Ray Obiedo (guitar), Chuichi Naoki (drums)


Composed by Paul Jackson


Recorded: Tokyo, Japan, October 25 & 27, 1978


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

Opening up with a dirty, dark funk beat and bass line, Paul Jackson sets the mood perfectly for this 1978 album that was finally released on CD in 2000 here in the United States. Accompanied by musicians who weren't exactly household names, the nature of the song brings out all of their bright spots and playing abilities. The song takes a little bit to kick into the main section but once it does it's nothing short of splendid. All in all, this song moves around much more than expected. The melody begins as Jackson doubles up the melody with the guitarist as Webster Lewis then doubles up the line with the synthesizer.

Lewis plays a nice solo on this song, it's very subdued and lyrical at the same time. It's not over the top but quenches the thirst just right with choice note selections and good use of tension and release. I'm glad that this album finally got to see the light outside of Japan. There are so many good albums that have never been released here in the United States but thank goodness this one made it.

Reviewer: Jared Pauley

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