The Dirty Dozen Brass Band (with Dr. John): It's All Over Now


It's All Over Now


The Dirty Dozen Brass Band (with Dr. John)


Voodoo (45042)

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Dr. John (piano, vocals),

Gregory Davis (trumpet), Efrem Towns (trumpet), Kevin Harris (tenor sax), Roger Lewis (reeds, percussion), Charles Joseph (trombone), Kirk Joseph (sousaphone), Jenell Marshall (drums, percussion, vocal asides), Lionel Batiste (drums)


Composed by Bobby Womack and Shirley Womack


Recorded: Metairie, Louisians, August, 1987


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

The Rolling Stones

We all know that the Rolling Stones can "borrow" music from New Orleans. So why can't New Orleans musicians do the same in return? Here the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, joined by Dr. John, delivers a spirited rendition of "It's All Over Now," which served as the British rockers' first number one single back in '64. Of course, the Stones had picked it up from the Womack brothers, so this song has crossed the Big Pond enough times to earn frequent flyer miles and a free upgrade.

The tradition of New Orleans brass bands is a venerable one, and the Dirty Dozen are the most celebrated practitioners of the modern era. They are not afraid to update the sound, and add a full rhythm section when necessary, although everyone here except the good Doctor is playing an instrument that can be held in two hands and carried down Canal Street. Besides, who needs a stinkin' electric bass when a sousaphone is lying around? The funky march beat is a New Orleans trademark, and no one does it better than this ensemble. Dr. John is in top form, and proves that he is one of the few singers who can take a song from Mick Jagger and make it sound even grittier and more lowdown. Parade music meets dance hall funk, and everyone is a winner.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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