Brian Lynch: On the Dot


On the Dot


Brian Lynch (trumpet) and Bill Charlap (piano)


Brian Lynch Meets Bill Charlap (Sharp Nine 1027)

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Brian Lynch (trumpet), Bill Charlap (piano),

Dwayne Burno (bass), Joe Farnsworth (drums)


Composer unknown


Recorded: Brooklyn, NY, May 16, 2003


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Known for his associations with Latin pianist Eddie Palmieri, Brian Lynch teams up with pianist Bill Charlap for this 2003 release. Lynch is really at home on this song and shows it with his expressive and vibrant playing. His solo is a constant barrage of swinging eighth notes that requires several listens to grasp his full range and vocabulary. For Charlap's solo, the pianist works in and around a similar rhythmic delivery as Lynch, but aids his solo greatly with subtle but effective left hand chordal chomps. At the end of this tune, the band trades fours and like the other tracks off of this disc, they show that they are some of best cats in New York right now playing straight ahead stuff. Although Charlap and Lynch play other styles than bop/post-bop, their command and execution is superb on this album and the magic captured here is probably what you would get if you went and saw this quartet live in the act. All around a pleasurable listen.

Reviewer: Jared Pauley

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