Quintette du Hot Club de France: After You've Gone


After You've Gone


Quintette du Hot Club de France


The Complete Django Reinhardt & Quintet Of The Hot Club Of France Swing/HMV Sessions (Mosaic 190)

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Stéphane Grappelli (violin), Django Reinhardt (guitar), Pierre 'Baro' Ferret (guitar), Joseph Reinhardt (guitar),

Lucien Simeons (bass), Freddie Taylor (vocals)


Composed by Henry Creamer & Turner Layton


Recorded: Paris, May 4, 1936


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

After its initial recordings on Ultraphone and Decca, the QHCF moved to the HMV label. “After You’ve Gone” was recorded on their first session for the label and there seems to have been some growing pains. The balance is not as good as on the other labels, with especially weak recording of the bass. The opening chorus is by Grappelli this time around and he is immediately followed by the Louis Armstrong-inspired singing of Freddie Taylor. It seems that everyone is holding back in these opening choruses, and sure enough, as soon as Taylor is finished, the intensity goes up as Django goes into a finger-busting chorus filled with fast arpeggios and runs, and concluding with a chorded intro to Grappelli. The violinist takes charge, building the intensity with every chorus. The breaks, built into the tune at the end of each 16-bar section, seem to have little effect on Taylor, but each time Reinhardt and Grappelli hit them, they add to the growing excitement of the recording.

Reviewer: Thomas Cunniffe

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