Anat Cohen: Washington Square Park


Washington Square Park


Anat Cohen (clarinet, soprano sax)


Notes from the Village (Anzic 1302)

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Anat Cohen (clarinet, soprano sax),

Jason Lindner (piano, Prophet 08 keyboard), Omer Avital (bass), Daniel Freedman (drums, percussion), Gilad Hekselman (guitars)


Composed by Anat Cohen


Recorded: NYC, May 14-15 2008


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

Anat Cohen’s main instrument might be clarinet, but for the around-the-world antics of the self-penned “Washington Square Park,” she shows just as much ability on soprano sax. Beginning with a perky, Middle-Eastern rhythm marked by a single piano note played in staccato, Cohen conjures up twisting lines for herself and blazes right through them with a light touch. The song changes in mood, slowing down and speeding back up again to a funkier tempo. Cohen never stops creating from her horn, sometimes exchanging phrases with Hekselman, which only adds to the playful mood. Linder spends most of the time doubling up on Avital’s bass pulses, but unexpectedly whips out a vintage synth to solo with near the end of the song.

“Washington Square Park” is zestful, a bit exotic and peppered with little surprises. What’s there not to like?

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron

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