Curt Ramm, Dan Moretti, Bill Cunliffe: Tired Corn


Tired Corn


Curt Ramm (trumpet), Bill Cunliffe (piano, organ, electric piano), and Dan Moretti (tenor sax, soprano sax)


Foundations (Foundations Jazz Records)

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Curt Ramm (trumpet), Bill Cunliffe (piano, organ, electric piano), Dan Moretti (tenor sax, soprano sax),

Marty Ballou (acoustic and electric basses), Marty Richards (drums)


Composed by Curt Ramm and Bill Cunliffe


Recorded: Unknown


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

Sometimes, it’s all about attitude. “Tired Corn” has that, a cocksure strut the sets a late-night tempo. Richards and Ballou form a tight rhythm formation, as Richards sets forth a shuffling beat he decorates with cymbal clouds and Ballou’s strut is slow and sure. The other attractive contrast going on in this song is between the clear, acid tone of Ramm’s trumpet and the cozy layer of soul from Cunliffe’s Rhodes. Moretti makes his tenor sing the blues over the same electric piano, and before you know it, Cunliffe himself steps out front and making a few probing chords that peaks outside but never quite goes out the door.

Good performances all around (especially Richards’ propulsive drumming), but the main appeal lies in the tone of the proceedings. Sometimes, it’s all about attitude.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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