Matana Roberts: Love Call


Love Call


Matana Roberts (alto sax)


The Chicago Project (Central Control CCI006CD)

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Matana Roberts (alto sax), Josh Abrams (bass),

Frank Rosaly (drums)


Composed by Matana Roberts


Recorded: Unknown


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

The sweeping, epic track from The Chicago Project , “Love Call” spends the first five minutes conjuring up the ghosts of John Coltrane’s Ascension era. With Abrams and Parker filling up so much space, the band sounds twice the size of the quartet that it actually is, and Roberts’ cries and frenetic note chasing even has to fight to be heard above the din the three guys create. The second half of the song is more settled, beginning with Roberts pondering and responding to Abrams’ bass ruminations before her building intensity signals the band back to the rumble of the first part, but in a more controlled manner and this time, playing in a defined key.

Roberts’ knack for setting aside rigid solo construction and playing on feel and emotion while remaining reverent to the masters of the past puts a sprawling composition such as “Love Call” over the top.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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