Milton Nascimento: Pão e Água


Pão e Água



Clube da Esquina 2 (EMI-Odeon 791606)

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Milton Nascimento (vocals), Lô Borges (vocals), Toninho Horta (vocals),

Beto Guedes (mandolin), Nelson Angelo (vocals), Flavio Venturini (piano), Pipo Spera (charango), Zé Eduardo (drums), Nenê (percussion), Novelli (bass)


Composed by Lô Borges, Marcio Borges and Roger Mota


Recorded: Rio De Janeiro, 1978


Rating: 97/100 (learn more)

The two Clube da Esquina double albums stand out as defining statements of Milton Nascimento's aesthetic vision, and remain key milestones in Brazilian post-bossa-nova popular music. Nascimento here is completely liberated from the previous efforts to package his music for crossover success. Instead he embraces a raw, under-produced sound, and the performances seem aimed at personal transcendence rather than radio airplay. As a result this music sounds very fresh and immediate a generation after it was recorded. "Pão e Água" features some of the finest rhythm section work you will hear on any popular recording from this era. Motown fans talk about the Funk Brothers, but the Clube de Esquina gang deserve the same degree of reverence. Nascimento is inspired, his vocal an invocation of higher powers. A glorious moment in Brazilian music—it's a shame this recording is still so little known outside of Brazil, and available in the US only as an expensive import.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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