Particle Data Group: Anahad




Particle Data Group


Steve Swell Presents Particle Data Group (Cadence Jazz CJR 1139)

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Steve Swell (trombone), Bruce Eisenbeil (guitar), Gregg Bendian (vibes).

Composed by Steve Swell, Gregg Bendian and Bruce Eisenbeil


Recorded: NYC, September 26 2000


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

Unusual configurations afford the opportunity for unprecedented, radical sounds and risk-taking. This triad of exceptionally open-minded musicians is more than up to the task and in fact clearly delight in the challenge. “Anahad” lives entirely in the moment, an improvised piece that goes in all directions at once but is held together by the psychic interplay of participants that despite the individuality of each, a group aesthetic emerges. Swell blurts and bellows; Eisenbeil chases seemingly elusive sounds all up and down the register; Bendian fills in the wide space between the two with well-placed taps of his vibes occasionally interspersed with runs that respond to Eisenbeil. The virtuosity of all three doesn’t mean performing “Anahad” was any less random or unstructured, but it does mean that they didn’t need a net for this sonic high-wire act.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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